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4 the Birds! Description

An amazing new game from designer Steve Ewoldt, 4 The Birds is a fun for the whole family! It’s the classic line-up game (four in a row or four in a square wins) with twists like a ‘pecking order’ among birds, non-player crows and hawks that scatter the flock and 6 powerful action cards per player that allow players to swoop in for a win. Fresh off Kickstarter, these cute bird pawns are ready to land on your table! Fast and easy to learn game play Finely balanced mix of luck and strategy Territorial disputes between birds struggling for the same spot on the board are resolved by a very novel ‘Pecking Order’ Uses a unique slide mechanic to resolve contested spots Non-player birds (crows and hawks) add a curious chain reaction of board-reorganizing slides and scatters Truly an abstract ‘gateway’ game that’s great for kids’ spatial and numerical skills and even better for adults who are out of practice. Bird pawns are cute, as well as fun to hold and play with! You haven’t heard bird puns and innuendos quite like these! Number of Players: 2-6 Age Group: 8+ Time To Play: 20-30 minutes

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