Manimo Frog Weighted Animal Protective Cover

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Manimo Frog Weighted Animal Protective Cover Description

This water repellent cover will protect your Manimo Frog from stains, saliva or dirt of any kind. Perfect when your weighted animal is handled by many people, where frequent cleaning is necessary. Hand washable. The Manimo weighted animal is a beautiful and powerful tool that helps children with their everyday challenges. Manimo weighted animals act as comforting companions for children and valuable partners for parents. They help children remain attentive in class, focus during homework, alleviate excess energy or provide the necessary calmness for bedtime. They can also keep a child company during rest or nap times, develop their imagination, or simply be there to hug! The Manimo can be worn if necessary on the shoulders, around the neck or on the child’s thighs according to the shape of each animal. A period of use of 15 to 20 minutes is recommended due to the weight of the animal.

Manimo Frog Weighted Animal Protective Cover how to buy

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