MetaCheckers: Kangaroo Edition

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MetaCheckers: Kangaroo Edition Description

In this KANGAROO EDITION of MetaCheckers, the special KANGAROO Die adds 6 fun new moves to this game of CHESS played with CHECKERS. The checkers move like chess pieces — based on the roll of a special pair of dice. The CHESS DIE tells you what kinds of moves you can make. The NUMBERS DIE tells you how many spaces you must go. Your goal is still to capture the KING CHECKER, but with the Kangaroo you can hop elsewhere on the board, move an opponent’s piece, flip an opponent’s checker over to your side, capture multiple pieces and make other unusual moves. INCLUDES: 1 light-colored king checker; 15 light-colored regular checkers; 1 dark-colored king checker; 15 dark-colored regular checkers; 1 Chess Die; 1 Numbers Die; 1 Kangaroo Die; 22-square-inch cloth playing board

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