Stipulations – The Party Game that lets your Negativity Shine

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Stipulations – The Party Game that lets your Negativity Shine Description

Product Description Do you take joy in raining on others’ parades? Can you always find the opposite of the ‘silver lining’ for any situation? Is Debbie Downer your spirit animal? Stipulations was created to let your negativity shine! How it works: Every Stipulations card has unique options to select from 4 categories: Superpower Lifetime supply item Occupation Fulfilled dream Once the selection is announced, all other players write a stipulation (or limiting condition) for the announcement on the provided whiteboards. For example, your friend announces a lifetime supply of kittens? You can add ‘that constantly squirt diarrhea all over your house’ or ‘because you give birth to them every week.’ Another friend has retractable claws? Stipulate them with ‘you constantly use furniture as a scratching post’ or ‘they only come out when wiping in the bathroom.’ Your imagination and creativity are the only limits on how you can ruin players’ announced superpowers, lifetime supplies, occupations, and fulfilled dreams. From the Manufacturer The perfect party game outlet for negativity AND creativity In Stipulations, you aren’t simply selecting from punchlines that other people wrote. Instead, you get to create the fine print that ruins whatever wish or accomplishment announced by your friends, meaning you will never have ‘a bad hand’ and you get to tailor the negativity to their nightmares. This freedom results in unlimited replayability and endless laughter with any group of friends. Easy to learn and a natural fit for any group or gathering Some games simply don’t accommodate enough people, and others might be too complicated, crass, or thematically narrow for particular groups. Eight whiteboards are provided in Stipulations for the regular game to fit up to 9 players, with variations in the rule book that can easily double that number. Best of all, it only takes a minute to learn the game and is very flexible for different audiences. As Forrest from Bower’s Game Corner put it, ‘That’s a good feature to have in a game, where grandma can have fun with this or dirty cousin Rico and his lady friends can have fun with this. [Stipulations] is what I like to call a chameleon game.’ Independent reviews confirm Stipulations is the ideal game for your next party ‘We’ll cut right to the chase – Stipulations is a great family game and party game. . . . Stipulations scores very high on our ‘let’s play again’ game meter.’ -The Board Game Family ‘Stipulations, in my opinion, is a fantastic party game that you absolutely need to [get]. If you’re in the market for a party game… look no further, this is an absolutely must own game.’ -Bower’s Game Corner Quality-controlled content sets all players up for success Every announcement in Stipulations had to earn its way into the final game by surviving various rounds of play-testing. The fittest options survived, setting you and your friends up for success with announcements that have a proven variety of hilarious paths to ruin them, not counting all the paths that will be unique to you and your party or gaming group. Remarkable replayability with 320 options to announce The average game of Stipulations goes through roughly 12 announcements, which means you could play the game over 25 times without ever seeing an announcement repeated. And because the written Stipulations are typically tailored to the judge for that round, even rounds with repeat announcements are full of new and creative ideas. Might as well put that negativity to good use! As a business professor, Black Light Games founder Dustin Bluhm researches positivity in organizations and has uncovered a bit of a paradox: positivity and laughter lead to desirable life and work outcomes from health to performance, but negativity is what people pay attention to. Dustin started Black Light Games to release Stipulations as a game that focuses on the negative to increase laughter, connection, and ultimately, positivity. About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words. Pessimistic Party Game How did you come up with the idea for this product? There were about 10 of us gathered at a New Year’s Eve party and we couldn’t decide on what game to play. Everyone was tired of Cards Against Humanity and Telestrations, and we ended up just turning on a movie. I started working on Stipulations shortly afterward as a game that is incredibly easy to learn, could accommodate a lot of people, and results in non-stop laughter. Inspired by corrupt-a-wish threads on Reddit, it took nearly a dozen evolving prototypes to come up with the categories and content that brings Stipulations back to the table time and time again. Using negativity as a powerful creative force to boost laughter and happiness was an opportunity too fun to pass up! What makes your product special? Every strategy game, board game, card game, and party game has a place with the right crowd. Stipulations manages to fit in with EVERY crowd. Because the players control the humor in Stipulations, each game of Stipulations is as unique as the group playing it. What has been the best part of your startup experience? I grew up in a family of board gamers, with experiences ranging from marathon Risk tournaments on holidays to my grandmother chanting, ‘Lucky Lucky Lucky!’ every time she rolls dice. Bringing a game to market has been an incredible learning experience and a way to give back to a community from which I have benefitted immensely. But the best part is getting emails, texts, Facebook messages, etc. with pictures or stories of people playing the game and how it made their evening. I’m now a contributor to thousands of inside jokes that never would have happened without Stipulations, and knowing that the game has created laughter and lasting memories makes it all worth it.

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